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Drag Racing

The VWDRC will be joined by the Outlaw Flat Four, the road legal hot rods of Street Eliminator, Sportsman ET, and NEW to Bug Jam the Supercharged Dragsters, Altereds and Doorslammers of the Supercharged Outlaws.

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Race Classes Running at Bug Jam

Top Fuel Dragster

Top Fuel Dragster
These kings of the sport run on Nitro Methane and can reach speeds of up to 300mph accelerating from 0 - 100mph in under one second!


VW Pro
VW Drag Racing with dial-your-own-ET. Under 12.99 seconds.


VW Sportsman
Entry-level VW Drag Racing with dial-your-own-ET. Over 12.99 second.

Outlaw Flat Four

Outlaw Flat Four
Heads up drag racing. Cars do not have to be VW but must have a flat four engine.

Street Eliminator

Street Eliminator
The world's fastest street legal cars. Nitrous, superchargers, V8s and treaded tyres!

Supercharged Outlaws

Supercharged Outlaws
Supercharged Dragsters, Altereds and Doorslammers.

Outlaw Anglia

Sportsman ET
Includes a mixture of vehicles running 12 seconds or slower. This is the entry level class for car Drag Racing and attracts a huge variety of race cars.