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Bug Jam’s Got Talent & Little Buggerz Got Talent

Adults Saturday, Kids NOW Friday Afternoon

Yes, it’s a talent show, just like on telly, but with the added bonus of no Simon Cowell!

We’ve always known that Bug Jammers were a uniquely talented bunch, but now is the chance for you to prove it.

We’re giving contestants 3 minutes each to show off their talent on the Bug Jam main stage, and between the judges and the audience, a star will be chosen!

If you can entertain a crowd for 3 minutes, then you’re in with a chance. It’s no longer good enough to just look pretty… although much like the fickle world of pop… it can of course help! Previous winners have included comedians, impressionists, singers and musicians, so as long as you can entertain on stage, you can take part.

So, how does BJGT work?
We invite to the stage contestants one at a time, and they are given just two minutes in front of the crowd. If an act is spectacularly terrible, it might be considerably less than that! But the important thing is to impress the three judges and win over the audience. Once everyone has performed in turn, the top three acts are selected by the judges and then the crowd pick the winner.

What “talents” are OK?
Singing, dancing, firebreathing, juggling, painting, unicycling… whatever!

What is the prize?
Bug James Got Talent: £200 cold hard cash and a trophy. You’re not in it for the love of the art, you’re all about the money, honey. Every act also gets a ticket refund to thank them for taking part (1 refund per entry / group).
Little Buggerz Got Talent: £50 Santa Pod Gift Card and a Trophy.

How can I take part?
Pre-entries are now open! Email 2022@bugjam.com with your name, description of your act, and phone number, and we’ll list you on this page. You can also enter on the day behind the Main Stage half an hour before the start time. Please note, if we are swamped with entries it'll be first-come first served.

We will provide you with: A stage and a mic, and if you have any props you need, such as a CD to sing to etc, make sure you bring it with you.

When is it?
Big Jam's Got Talent: Age 15 and over - Main Stage Saturday 4pm (registration from 3.30pm)
Little Buggerz Got Talent: Under 15 - Main Stage Friday 3pm (registration from 2.30pm)

Got Talent

Got Talent
Got Talent
Got Talent
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