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RWYB - Run What Ya Brung (VW Only)

Track opening and competition times are subject to weather and track conditions.

Have you ever gone absolutely flat out in your car? The chances are, unless you’ve been on the dragstrip before, the answer will be “no”. The fear of meeting Mr Plod or wrapping your pride & joy around a tree has probably put a lid on your temptation to floor it. But since you’re at Bug Jam, and there’s Europe’s best dragstrip in the middle of the festival, it would be a shame not to give it a go… right?

Anything is suitable for use on the track from campervans as slow as tectonic plates to wheelie-poppin’ bugs. Provided it’s a VW, you are welcome to join in. Sign up, strap in, and zoom off!

Track Sign-On
Ticket Type Price Bands
Friday Track Sign-On*
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All Price bands £30 (12.15pm to 7pm)
Saturday Track Sign-On*
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All Price bands £20 (9.30am to 12.55pm)
Sunday Track Sign-On N/A N/A
Weekend Track Sign-On Per Day N/A
  • *Admission Tickets are also required
  • Pre-booking only.

Track opening and competition times are subject to weather and track conditions. Most importantly you must remember to bring your driving licence if you want to use the track!


ET Slips - Live Timing Data

All timing slips from runs at Santa Pod Raceway can be viewed at www.etslips.co.uk.

A RWYB Video Guide

Run What Ya Brung Competition

The RWYB Competition will end when racing finishes at track close. Winners will be announced by the commentators and contacted directly after the event by email.

The winner of each RWYB award will receive a free RWYB sign on voucher that can be used at any RWYB event the vehicle is eligible for in the next 12 months. Contact the office on 01234 782828 to redeem the voucher.

Run What Ya Brung  Beginners Guide

What is RWYB?

RWYB stands for “Run What Ya Brung” and refers to public test days when Santa Pod is open to anyone with a driving licence to run their car or motorcycle down the track.

RWYB is as simple or scientific as you want it to be, and you can use these days either to just have fun with your friends or as serious test days, whether your vehicle is for road or track.

Your mission is to accelerate from a standing start and cover the 1/4 mile in the shortest possible time. A full performance printout after each run will show your reaction time, speed, and elapsed time as well as a host of incremental measurements.

What Do I Need To Have A Go?

What Do I Need To Do?

  1. You need to visit the Signing On Office near the start line to present your licence and race voucher before you go on to the track or fireup road. A computer is available in the Signing On office to purchase both race and passenger vouchers on the day.
  2. Check your vehicle is well maintained and safe. Tyres, oil, steering, coolant and brakes are important. Also check your tyres and arches are not muddy.
  3. Move your Vehicle to the back of the queue in the "fire up road". Bikers can usually push past to the separate queue for bikes.
  4. When you are called forward by the marshal, close your windows and sunroof fully, and buckle your seatbelt. Bikers should pull down visors or goggles. Please DO NOT activate liquid spray-bars.
  5. If you wish, attempt a burnout in the water under the tower. This will clean and warm your tyres. 4WD cars will not burnout unless equipped to do so.
  6. Roll forward to the Start Line when the marshal indicates. The start line is not actually marked on the track (because it would get scrubbed out very quickly), but the best way to spot it is to look for a gap in the blue boarder next to the track.
  7. The first pair of lights on the "starting tree" marked Pre Staged will light when you are nearly in position.
  8. Roll a few inches further forward and the next pair of lights marked Staged will light also.
  9. When you and your opponent are both staged and the track is clear, the three orange bulbs will light and then the Green. Now is the time to go!
  10. Accelerate as hard as you can without spinning the wheels too much. The last timing beam is under the gantry exactly 1/4 of a mile from the start line.
  11. Slow down gently once you have crossed the finish, and keep going until you reach the first Turn Off Point on the left. Check your mirrors for your opponent before turning off and heading back on yourself. Drive slowly and carefully once you have left the track.
  12. You can collect Timing Slips from the signing on office at the startline tower. These are free to collect as soon as your run is complete. If in doubt at any point, simply look to the marshals for direction. Please do not smoke or use mobile phones when on the track.

An advanced RWYB guide, including startline procedure and tips for a good run can be found on the official RWYB website along with a full calendar of all upcoming RWYB days, at www.RWYB.com.

1320go - Live Track Timing

Enhance your visit to Santa Pod with live track timing via www.1320go.com where you can also view live timing data on your mobile phone from Drag Strips around the world.