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Little Buggerz


Little Buggerz is an entire Kids Zone running all weekend located in and around a giant TeePee like the Bug Wam.

Little buggerz
Arts and crafts
Little buggerz
Arts and crafts

Little Buggerz Line Up

Friday - 11am-6pm

Saturday - 10am-6pm

Sunday - 10am-4pm


Sound Garden

Sound Garden (Fri, Sat & Sun)
Create percussive tuned music from the sounds of recycled and discarded objects. 


Reading Area (Fri, Sat & Sun)
A selection of children’s books to read if you fancy some quiet time away from all the crowds.


Colouring Area (Fri, Sat & Sun)
Enjoy an array of fantastic Bug Jam themed colouring right here in Little Buggerz! We have awesome colouring sheets, puzzles and games for you to enjoy.

Magician - Paul Longhurst

Magician - Paul Longhurst (Fri)
The impossible happens on stage, volunteers have their minds read, objects appear and disappear instantly and it's all performed with the focus on plenty of action and lots of fun! Paul Longhurst is a professional close-up magician and member of the Magical Circle - his family shows this Easter weekend are interactive, fun and perfect for all ages.

PartyWacky Science Party (Fri)
Forget flying cars and jelly ray guns, Professor Bunsen at DNA Kids Laboratories has created the greatest invention ever… our Wacky Science Party! Experience a one of a kind of science party with awesome science themed party games for the first half, followed by a hilarious wacky science show for the second half. Science has never been so much fun!

Smoke/Bubble/Foam Machine may be used.

MakendooMakendoo Craft Workshop (Sat)
Craft workshops suitable for children of all ages where kids can make masks, hats and small banners, painted and decorated with glitter and ribbons. Everyone leaves the workshop with artworks to be proud of, lasting souvenirs of a great day out.

Mad Dom

Mad Dom (Sat)
A children's entertainer with years of experience. Expect balloon creations, circus skills and magic.


Beach Party Disco (Sat)
Nothing captures the excitement of partying in the summer quite like our kid’s Beach Party, complete with beach themed party games, colourful kids’ disco and much more! So, come on surfer dudes and hula girls, it’s time to put on your sunglasses, apply the sun cream and flip flop your way over to the beach for some serious Summer fun!

Smoke/Bubble/Foam Machine may be used.


Slime Workshop (Sun)
Banned your kids from slime or anything messy in the house? Daft Slime parties has is covered in the Little Buggerz tent, you can make your own slime and there will also be some Slimy themed games too! All slime can be taken home at the end of the party.

25 Children per Slime Workshop. First come,served first. Age 4-10 years only.