Bug Jam Bug Jam

Bug Jam 35

22-24 July 2022 VW Festival at Santa Pod Raceway

The original and best VW fest!

A true VW festival in every sense of the word, with a vibrant and fun atmosphere, bringing to life the very essence of VW and Campervan culture. Europe’s largest VW Show incorporates an eclectic mix of all things VW, with Drag Racing, Run What Ya Brung, Music, Show & Shine, Comedy, Stunt Displays, Fun Fair, massive Trade Village, Retrojumble and much more.

Weekend Tickets from £100, Kids just £5
Buy Tickets Online (All Tickets Pre-Booking Only!)

Track Action & Show Cars:

Drag Racing

Drag Racing (Sat & Sun)
With qualifying starting on Saturday and eliminations on Sunday, you're sure to see plenty of the fastest and maddest Drag cars and VWs in Europe!

For the first time ever, Motorsport UK Pro Modified will be headlining the drag racing action with some of the UK's wildest drag cars, putting down sub-6 second passes at 250mph! Top billing alongside the Pro Mods will be nitromethane powered Funny Cars capable of sub-4 second 1,000 foot passes and Susanne Callin in the Slick Tricks Top Fuel Dragster.

Also on track the VWDRC, Outlaw Flat Four, the road legal hot rods of Street Eliminator and Sportsman ET.

More info on the Drag Racing page.

View the current Bug Jam 35 Racer Entry List.


Run What Ya Brung - RWYB
VWs ONLY (Fri 12pm-7pm £30 & Sat 9.30am-3pm £20)

The drag strip will be open for you to take your own car down the track with timing data at ETSlips!

Signing on for RWYB is now online. You will still need to visit the Sign On Office to show your driving licence and your race voucher e-ticket before hitting the track. Please note an Admission ticket is required in addition to your RWYB Race Voucher.

Trophies for quickest in class:

  • Class A - Air-Cooled Cars
  • Class B - Air-Cooled Van
  • Class C - Water-Cooled Cars (inc. Caddies)
  • Class D - Water-Cooled Vans
  • Class X - Non-Road Legal

More info on the RWYB page.

Show n Shine

Autoglym Show & Shine (SATURDAY!)

Strictly VWs ONLY
Saturday is the show day for the real head-turners. If you’ve got perfect paintwork, a cool custom ride or a rare vintage VW, make sure you bring your car along to the Autoglym Show & Shine competition. Full details

Rust & Rat

VW Rust & Rat (SUNDAY!)
Strictly VWs ONLY

Sunday will be the day where rusty cars shine! If you’ve got a cool rat-ride, rusty original, mean military or battered baja, get along to the Rust & Rat Show. It's open to entries from 9am, and free to enter. Just rock up, register, and chill out until the presentations take place. Full details

Human Powered

Human Powered Racing (Sat)
It’s a simple race from the start-line to the finish-line and back, but no engines are permitted! Adults and kids can enter and there are four trophies: Quickest Bicycle, Quickest Skate (boots and boards), Quickest Runner, and Most Imaginative Entry.

Jet Car

Jet Car (Sat & Sun)
Witness the awesome power of the Fireforce 3 Jet Funny Car thundering down the strip. It's jet engine can develop thrust equivalent to more than 10,000hp and can run the quarter-mile in 5 seconds with a terminal speed of 270mph!

Jet Bus

Oklahoma Willy (Fri, Sat & Sun)
This 1958 VW pick up spent most of her life on a farm in Oklahoma before undergoing a nut and bolt restoration with the addition of a Rolls Royce Viper 535 jet engine is from a fighter jet with a power output of 5000 lbs of thrust.

Jet Bus

2Seater Thrill Ride (Sun)
Watch as the brave and the lucky get to ride down the strip in the 7 second Santa Pod 2Seater dragster. See the 2Seater page for how to book a ride.

Nitro Bug

Nitro Bug (Sat & Sun)
Andy Raw originated from the VWDRC with his classic No Remorse Subaru powered bug but moved onto bigger things in the form of the TSR Beetle funny car before completing the Nitro Bug Funny Car, the only nitro powered bug in the world!

Mental Breakdown

Mental Breakdown (Sat & Sun)
Wayne Allman's Mental Breakdown started life as a 1965 VW single cab pick up before it was transformed into the dragster it is today. The rear of the pickup now accommodates a supercharged Keith Black Hemi V8, producing 2000bhp. Wayne has run 7.1s at 196mph and will be trying for a six this summer at Bug Jam.

Millennium Bug

Millennium Bug (Sat)
Making passes on Saturday will be the Millennium Bug, a 1972 Beetle shell  with a 4.5" raked roof chop, sat on a BMW E36 M3 chassis cut to fit with a Nissan Skyline engine putting out 510bhp.

Just about every part of the car is custom and everything except the tune was built by owner Matt Dennett.

Music & Comedy:


Evening Music* - Stage / Tents / Bar (Fri & Sat)

Bug Jam hosts several music arenas including the Main Stage, Dance Tent, BugWam and Fuelers Bar, on both Friday and Saturday evenings, catering for all tastes from indie and dance DJs through to live bands and tribute acts.

Full details on the Gig Guide page.

Friday - Soul II Soul, BCM, Club Tropicana, RPJ Band

Saturday - Trevor Nelson, Deco, Silent Disco, more acts TBC

Evening Music is not included with Day Tickets. *Free as part of your sporting event ticket.

Daytime Music

Daytime Music* - BugWam / Stage (Fri, Sat & Sun)

You don't have to wait till the evening for the entertainment to start at Bug Jam with the BugWam and the Live Stage busy during the day on Friday, Saturday & Sunday!

Full details on the Daytime Music page.


The BugWam is the perfect place to chill out, relax and put your feet up. There will be live acoustic music and DJs from afternoon through to evening and a licenced bar.

Tu-Kay & Ryan - Amii Dawes - Dan Butterworth - Celine Ellis - Tu-Kay Ryan - Stephen Tanner - Hatstand - King’s Gambit - Six Feet Apart - Hannah Faulkner - Brendan Read-Jones - James Watts & The Avenues - The Reeds - Tim Jon Brophy - Mojo Mules - Joe Corkham - Scott Walters - Ethan Kenna - Vickii Elizabeth Stocker - Oakleas Rise

Live Stage

The Live Stage is the home of variety at Bug Jam.


*Free as part of your sporting event weekend ticket.


Comedy (Fri & Sat)
There will be a line up of top comedians on Friday & Saturday including up and coming new acts and established pros to tickle your ribs.

View full details on the Comedy page.

Ollie Horn - Jack Campbell - Mark Cram - Ninia Benjamin - Sean Percival - Nina Gilligan - Mr Cee - Andy Askins - Bethany Black - Brennan Reece - Leo Kearse

Bug Jam's Got Talent

Bug Jam's Got Talent (Saturday)
We’re giving contestants 3 minutes each to show off their talent on the Bug Jam main stage. The great thing is, YOU pick what your talent is! Age 14 and over (Separate Kids contest on Friday).

Details on the Bug Jam's Got Talent page.

Magic Teapot

The Magic Teapot (Thu, Fri, Sat & Sun)
This lovely, unique structure is an all-weather fireside venue hosted by the Teapot Crew who are musicians, tea makers and fire keepers. Entertainment is provided and guests are encouraged to bring what they can to the circle…a song…a story…a listening ear, there will be a piano, a range of other instruments and the kettle is always simmering on the fire.

It is also about as green as you can get - no electricity, real mugs so no single-use plastic waste and sustainably sourced fire wood.

Live Action Arena:

Monster Trucks

Monster Trucks - Podzilla (Sat & Sun)
The Monster Truck Podzilla will be putting on a high flying display of car crushing mayhem. Get ready to cheer as Novas and Saxos get what's coming.


Bolddog FMX

Bolddog FMX (Sat & Sun)
Expect non-stop action from start to finish! Get ready to ooh and aah as the Bolddog FMX Team defy gravity with their incredible freestyle motocross displays. The show features the UK’s number one motocross team incorporating the latest heart stopping tricks as usually seen on the big screen or TV. Prepare to have your mind blown!

Bolddog FMX

Terry Grant

Terry Grant Stunt Show (Sat & Sun)
Multiple world record breaking stunt driver Terry Grant will be performing precision stunts in a range of cars.

Terry Grant

Stunt Biker

Lee Bower Stunt Biker (Sat & Sun)
Top freestyle motorcycle stunt rider Lee Bowers will be wowing the crowds with his jaw-dropping motorbike stunts.

Terry Grant

Kids Entertainment:

Fun Fair

Little Buggerz - Kids Zone (Fri, Sat & Sun)
An entire Kids Zone running all weekend located in and around a giant TeePee. Children must not be left unattended & must be supervised by a responsible adult.


Featuring: Sound Garden - Reading Area - Colouring Area - Magician - Wacky Science Party - Mad Dom - Makendoo Craft Party - Beach Party - Slime Workshop

Full details on the Little Buggerz page.

Bug Jam's Got Talent

Little Buggerz Got Talent (Friday Afternoon)
We’re giving kids 3 minutes each to show off a talent on the Bug Jam main stage. Age Under 14 (Separate adults contest on Saturday)

Details on the Bug Jam's Got Talent page.


Sideshows (Fri, Sat & Sun)
There will be extra fun for youngsters with inflatables and a climbing wall.

Action Wheels

Action Wheels (Fri, Sat & Sun)
A safe, friendly and exciting “Have-A-Go” two wheeled feature aimed at children aged 2 and upwards and of all abilities. Includes balance beams, sea saws and rumble strips for children to navigate their way around. Action Wheels supply a selection of bikes and safety gear that’s FREE to use.

Bug Jam Beach

Bug Jam Beach (Thu, Fri, Sat & Sun)
Back at Bug Jam bigger and better, there will be a real beach located next to Bug Wam. So bring along buckets & spades for the kids and deckchairs to relax in.

Mini Campers

Mini-Campers (Fri, Sat & Sun)
The fantastic Vags Dub Totrods are bringing their miniature camper vans; kids will be able to cruise around in style driving the pint-sized splitties!

"Thanks for the ride in the totrod . It had my little one in stitches he loved the horn too." - HK

Around Site

Fun Fair

Fun Fair Rides (Fri, Sat & Sun)
All the fun of the fair with dodgems, waltzers, arcades, candy floss, sideshows and plenty of stomach churning rides that will spin, twist, flip and thrill you.

Fancy Dress

Fancy Dress (Fri & Sat Eve)
In honour of the Queen's Jubilee year, the Fancy Dress theme for Bug Jam 35 will be Kings, Queens and In-betweens! So whether you fancy going for Royal or Pearly, Drag or Cards, Medieval or Game of Thrones it's going to be a right royal knees up.

Bug Jam's Got Talent

The Cool Flo Arena - Slippers The Split DJ Bus (Fri, Sat & Sun)

Cool Flo will be joined by ‘Slippers the Split DJ Bus’ – this impressive VW is kitted out with a brand new DAS audio sound system for all to enjoy….all 32KW of it! With over 35 years combined industry experience this smokin’ VW has been designed by DJ’s who simply wanted to make the ultimate fantasy sound stage.

An electric mix of global top list DJ’s will be playing all weekend at The Cool Flo Arena; expect the atmosphere to be off the scale…. after all we all need to party together once again.

The Cool Flo Arena

The Cool Flo Arena - Half Pipe (Fri, Sat & Sun)

Cool Flo will be bringing their impressive BMX/Skate ramp to Bug Jam. Their team of outstanding Pro riders will be putting on regular demonstration shows over the weekend. The ramp will also be open for public sessions so if you’re a competent rider and fancy a go, make sure you pay them a visit and catch a show! (Helmets must be worn.)


Camping at Bug Jam
Camping is included with all weekend tickets bought in advance or on the gate. As well as General Camping there is Club Camping and Quiet / Family Camping (will be signposted and noise curfews will be strictly enforced). Full details on the Camping page.

VW Club Camping
Spend Bug Jam camping with your members in your own Allocated Club Camping Area. You will need at least 10 display vehicles to book club camping. Buy Tickets Get 1 Free, FREE Early Arrival Access.

Full details of how to book on the Clubs page. Buy 10


BBMF (Sat & Sun)
The Royal Air Force Battle of Britain Memorial Flight will be flying over Santa Pod Raceway with an historic WWII Spitfire on Saturday and Sunday.

Trade Village

Trade Village (Fri, Sat & Sun)
If you're looking for car parts, want a cool t-shirt or fancy a lowrider bicycle to get round site, you'll find it all in the Bug Jam trade areas. Visit the Pod Shops for camping supplies and Bug Jam clothing. View info on how to trade at Bug Jam on the Traders page.

Cars 4 Sale
If you've got a car you want to sell, park it up in the Cars For Sale Paddock, stick your phone number on the dashboard, and wait for the calls to come flooding in. Whether you're buying, selling or browsing, this is the best way to shift cars at the show. And the best bit? It's FREE for both buyers and sellers!

Bug Jam's Got Talent

Retrojumble (Fri, Sat & Sun)
Buyers: Rare and vintage VW parts at bargain prices. Need a decklid for your oval or a period radio for that finishing touch? Have a look here.

Sellers: If you have a veritable scrapyard of second hand parts at home or just a handful of spares, autojumble is the place to sell. Details on Retrojumble page. NO CLOTHING ALLOWED

Monster Truck RidesMonster Truck Rides (Fri, Sat & Sun)
Experience true Pandamonium at Santa Pod! If you dare….take a passenger ride or two in the newest Monster Ride Truck to hit the UK shores! Direct from the USA to the UK!

Baja Course

Baja & Buggy Course (Sat & Sun)
Take your off-road dub for some fun in the dirt. A short grass and dirt track will include fun corners and gentle bumps to let you get your kicks and show off your ride. Free entry for all suitable vehicles.


Bumblebee Experience (Fri, Sat & Sun)
Transformers comes to life as Bumblebee makes a visit to Santa Pod, so make sure to get your photo taken with him as he wanders through the pits. Autobots, roll out!

Beer Festival

Bug Jam Beer Festival (Fri, Sat & Sun)
There will be a Beer Festival with ales and ciders from local breweries, so if you’re a real ale fan then head over to Fuelers Bar.

Bars & Caterers

Bars & Caterers (Thu, Fri, Sat & Sun)
Caterers and bars will be open around site all weekend. There will be a wide range of food and drink to suit all tastes from burgers and pizzas to Chinese, Mexican and Indian. Coffee and Milkshakes plus Licensed Bars (Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult, no under 18s after 11pm). View caterer details.

There are Cash Machines in the Shops but please be ready to pay for items on site from our catering units and Pod Shop with contactless card payment rather than cash.

Bug Jam 34 Photos

View photos from Bug Jam 34 on the Facebook Photo Gallery

Drag Racing
Human Powered
Bug Jam Music
Santa Pod Raceway

VW Breakout

Santa Pod Raceway
Santa Pod Raceway is the UK's premier Drag Strip in the middle of England on the border of Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire. For full venue details please visit www.santapod.com.

Nitro FM
Nitro FM on 96.2 will be broadcasting all weekend with live track commentary, a selection of great music, interviews and chat to keep you informed and entertained throughout the day.

Mailing List
Fill out your e-mail address on the Newsletter page to receive the Santa Pod Email News Letter.

Important Notices

  1. EXIT & RE-ENTRY GUIDE: Bug Jam is one of Santa Pod’s busiest and most popular events in the calendar and we have a large number of visitors using rural routes through our neighbouring villages. To relieve our local communities of unnecessary traffic during the event, Bug Jam operates a strict re-entry policy to minimise disruption: visitors choosing to leave the venue anytime during the weekend will need to pay to re-enter the venue even if they have already purchased a ticket. So, please bring all of the camping supplies that you will need for the weekend including enough petrol/diesel! Your continued cooperation in this matter is always appreciated and keeps the Bug Jam vibe alive.
  2. NO SPACE SAVING: Campers will no longer be able to save space for friends arriving at a later time. Large groups should book club camping pitches, and small groups should aim to arrive together.
  3. CAMPING SPACE & LARGER VEHICLES: If your camping space is considered excessive by the campsite stewards, the organisers reserve the right to reduce the size of the area you have taken up. Please be sensible in this respect to avoid any inconvenience with your set up. The contents of larger vehicles will be checked and noted on arrival for non-camping related items. If you are bringing sofas and similar furniture items to Bug Jam you must take these items away with you when you leave site.
  4. LIMITED TICKETS: The number of tickets going on sale will be strictly limited. That means first-come-first-served, and those who book in advance will have priority over anyone trying to buy tickets on the gate. If tickets sell out before the event, NO tickets will be available to buy on the gate, so Santa Pod can be certain that we can accommodate everyone.
  5. NO CHINESE LANTERNS: Chinese lanterns are banned at Santa Pod Raceway as they pose a real fire hazard to the crops and thatched roofs surrounding the track.
  6. NO GLASS: No glass bottles, jars etc allowed on site. This is for you and your car's safety and especially for those in the camping areas. Cars will be searched on arrival.
  7. CHILD WRISTBANDS: Children can sometimes wander off, wristbands for children will be issued when you arrive, please write a contact phone number on the wristband and make sure your child wears it so we can call you if we find the little treasure should they become separated from you.
  8. When you arrive and leave site, please keep your speed down, don't litter and respect local residents.

Full Terms & Conditions

*As part of your Sporting Event entrance only.